Podium Walker

Podium Walker is an alternative to ProWalker GPU for Mac users, and Windows users who do not have GPU hardware capable of running ProWalker efficiently.

Podium Walker is a real-time animation plug-in for SketchUp that allows users to create high quality animated visualizations and walkthroughs from their SketchUp models, quickly and easily. Podium Walker uses a keyframe based animation workflow to create an animated motion path out of your SketchUp camera views, and then a fast raytracing engine to render and export video files. Read more below, or watch the video to see Podium Walker in action!


  • Podium Walker uses CPU based ray tracing and ambient occlusion to create photo-real renderings and animations.
  • Renders all of Podium's material properties and artificial lights, including light emitting materials and blurred reflection.
  • Support for thousands of components and materials from Podium Browser.
  • Import SketchUp scenes or SU Animate camera paths to create keyframe animations automatically.
  • It creates keyframe animations for video production and also can record your camera navigation.
  • Export to common video formats such as .mp4, .mov, .m2t and .avi.

Podium Walker introduction video.

Blue House - Aikin Design

Outdoor plaza - Tilburg

Patio - Andrew Trodler

The City - Nat Ellis

  Download Podium Walker and start your free trial:

Podium Walker uses a CPU based raytracing engine to render your animations and export video. There are no minimum hardware requirements, but we recommend as many CPU cores and as fast a clock speed as possible.

Download Podium Walker

Getting Started: Read the following documents to learn how to use Podium Walker:

  1. Overivew/Introduction
  2. User Interface
  3. Creating Animation
  4. Exporting Video

  Watch the following videos series for a step-by-step look at how to design and animate with Podium Browser and Podium Walker.