ProWalker GPU

ProWalker GPU still-frame by Nick Harvey

Welcome to the ProWalker GPU

In ProWalker GPU we've taken the same great animation and camera walkthrough tools that are in Podium Walker and added a huge upgrade by migrating to NVIDIA Iray.

This means higher quality rendering

  • Iray Photoreal is a high-performance, unbiased path-tracer that generates photorealistic imagery through physically based light interaction.
  • Iray Interactive uses intelligent approximation algorithms to maximize performance and realism while minimizing noise.
  • Denoise uses AI to remove noise during the raytracing process. It will speed rendering of the final image or frame by four or five times.

ProWalker still visualization. Modeling by Nat Ellis.

Immediate Visual Feedback

Progressive pathtracing means you don't have to wait for a frame to finish to decide whether it looks right. Make changes and watch the viewport update immediately. Then simply let ProWalker refine the image to completion. Read about samples/quality in Iray

GPU Acceleration

Iray harnesses the power of supported NVIDIA graphics cards to accelate the render process.

Please read here for hardware requirements and recommendations for ProWalker GPU.

Comprehensive Material Support

Iray supports all the SU Podium material and surface properties you're used to; reflection, bump, refraction, light emitting materials in your Podium Walker animations will look better than ever before.

ProWalker GPU produces gorgeous still imagery, and makes a fantastic GPU based visualization option to complement SU Podium. All SU Podium material properties are supported—design with the Podium Browser library for maximum efficiency!

ProWalker GPU Video Examples

Please click here for a direct link if the embedded version isn't working in your browser.

  Download ProWalker GPU and start your free trial:

Hardware questions: ProWalker is designed with a strong emphasis on GPU based rendering. Although the plugin will fall back to the CPU if a supported NVIDIA graphics card is not present, Iray is significantly less efficient without GPU acceleration. Please read the following page for more detail: ProWalker GPU hardware recommendations.

Download ProWalker GPU with Iray