Podium Walker Still Gallery

Podium Walker with Iray is capable of beautiful still visualizations, and makes a great GPU rendering companion to SU Podium and Podium Browser. The engine supports all material settings from SU Podium, and all Podium lights, including LEM materials in Iray photoreal mode.

Because Iray is GPU accelerated, Podium Walker is an excellent option for users with mid-to-high range graphics hardware, specifically NVIDIA cards from the GTX 900, 1000, Tesla, and Quadro series'. Take a look at some still visualizations created in Podium Walker with Iray:

Id Mode - 1000 samples

Id Mode - 1000 samples

Pr Mode - 4,000 samples

Pr Mode 10,000 samples
Joe Pretorius

Jamie Wood

Pr Mode - 5,000 samples

Pr Mode - 10,000 samples

Kevin Lee - Pr 10,000


Pr Mode - Quality "Fine"

Tyenor 3D - Paul Olsen