ProWalker V1.2.4 integrated Iray 5 which is more stable than previous Iray versions. It also supports Nvidia's RTX cores, making a still image rendering or an animation 50% to 300% faster, depending on the SketchUp model's compexisty. ProWalker V1.2.4 is an improvement over as it now supports colored LEM and allows for dynamic rotation of HDRI backgrounds in the rendered scene. Also, this version supports SketchUp 2020 and 2019. All the bugs fixes and improvements made for V1.2.1.1 are included as well as the two above mentioned new features:

Note: ProWalker GPU 1.2.4 use a different licensing system than the older ProWalker GPU (prior to July 15, 2019). You can exchange your PW license with a new license here.

Download ProWalker V1.2.4 here.

Two new features - dynamically rotate HDRI background and support for colored LEM