ProWalker GPU Tutorials and Case Studies

ProWalker GPU Interface and UI

Currently the best way to learn the ProWalker interface is to read these two pages of the documentation:

  1. Main ProWalker GPU interface
  2. ProWalker GPU animation interface
  3. Rendering workflow introudction/overview (Video) - Part of a longer video about bathroom visualization.

Note - If you are using ProWalker GPU without having used SU Podium in the past, you will need to learn how to use the SU Podium materials and lighting interface to create artificial lights (omni lights, spotlights, light emitting materials), and edit material properties (reflection, transparency, bump).

Creating animations in ProWalker GPU

As mentioned above, if you are not acquainted with th ProWalker animation interface, this page is the best place to start: ProWalker GPU animation interface

The following tutorials demonstrate specific topics in animation:

  1. Setting up a simple fly-through animation - (3 min timelapse)
  2. Setting up a timelapse animation - (8 min w/narration)
  3. Setting up a turntable/product animation - (13 min w/narration)

ProWalker GPU - Project breakdowns

Bathroom image with ProWalker gpu for SketchUp

Modeling and rendering a bathroom

This case study walks through the creation of a bathroom image with SketchUp and ProWalker. The first half of the video is focused on modeling tips and best practices, while the second half explains how to add materials, light sources, and render the model with ProWalker GPU. Watch it here

Bathroom image with ProWalker gpu for SketchUp

Snowy winter cabin

In this project breakdown tutorial we work through the creation of an A-frame cabin surrounded by snowy terrain and Christmas decorations from Podium Browser. The video covers three methods for creating snowy terrain, then we decorate the cabin, render the image with ProWalker GPU, and post-process with Photoshop.Watch it here

Poolside sunset render with ProWalker gpu for SketchUp

Poolside exterior at sunset

This case study walks through the creation of the pictured image. We cover start by furnishing the scene with Podium Browser, then explain how we set up the materials, lighting, render, and post-processing. The breakdown concludes with a simple fly-through camera animation. Knowledge of the ProWalker interface is assumed.  Read here


Line overlay tutorial

These two videos demonstrate how to create a line-overlay from SketchUp so that the edges precisely match your ProWalker GPU render.

  1. Line overlay with ProWalker GPU - Part 1 (What not to do)
  2. Line overlay with ProWalker GPU - Part 2 (Correct procedure using Eneroth viewport resize)

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