Movie Maker - Create MP4 vid from still images

Movie Maker - What is it and Why?

Movie Maker is a lightweight, stand-alone application that can stitch a sequence of still images into an .mp4 movie file.

Why? — When ProWalker finishes rendering a complete animation, it outputs an .mp4 video file. However, if the render process is paused or interrupted, no video file will be saved.

As a precaution, ProWalker saves every frame of the animation as a still image — these still images act as a fallback option so that work is not lost if render job fails to complete (preventing an .mp4 file from being saved).

The user can resume the render process from an exact stopping point without wasting time re-rendering the already completed frames.

Then Movie Maker can be used to convert the completed still images into a finished .mp4 video file.

Download Movie Maker for ProWalker GPU

  1. No installation is required, Movie Maker can saved and run from anywhere on your hard drive (including a flash drive / portable storage).
  2. Run MovieMaker.exe to launch the application.

  Download here:  Movie Maker for ProWalker GPU (Win only)

Note - A ProWalker GPU license is required to download Movie Maker. You will be asked to enter your license key when you download the application.

How to create an .mp4 file with Movie Maker

Movie Maker serves a single purpose, and the interface is dead simple, containing only two buttons and no additiional options to speak of.

1. Click the "Down" arrow, and select the folder containing the images you want to stitch into a movie. The still images will be imported into movie maker.

2. Thumbnails will appear in the Movie Maker window once all the images have been imported.

3. Choose a video length in seconds.

4. Adjust bitrate if needed — the bitrate slider lets you control how much data per second is encoded in your video file. Using a lower bitrate is one way to moderate file-sizes, but can lead to choppy video playback if the bitrate is too low for the target resolution.

The default setting of 8kbps should produce a smooth .mp4 file at resolutions up to 720p. For full HD 1080p video and larger, you may need to increase to 16kbps to prevent encoding artifacts. The only drawback to increasing bitrate is file size, so if the video is meant for offline playback do not hesitate to increase the bitrate if you aren't satisfied with the quality at 8kbps.

5. Click the "Up" arrow to begin the conversion process.

6. When the conversion process is complete, an MP4 file will be saved in the same folder as the image files, and the video will automatically play in the preview window.

Note — There are several other applications available that can encode a still image sequence into a video file; many of them offer additional options in terms of codec, bitrate, compression, and output format. QuickTime Pro and Adobe CC Media Encoder are two of the most well known. We are proving Movie Maker as simple, free alternative for users that don't have access to paid options.

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