Podium Browser with Podium Walker Video Tutorials

Podium Browser and Podium Walker are two independent SketchUp plugins that complement SU Podium V2, but can also be used independently.

In this four part series, we take a step-by-step look at the Podium Browser to Podium Walker workflow, designing an interior with components from Podium Browser, and then using Podium Walker to produce a high quality animated visualization of the space.

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Table of Contents:


Overview: A one minute overview tour introducing the contents of the video series.

Part 1: Designing an interior with Podium Browser

Part 1: In this video we start with the basic Pavilion model containing only the bare structure and materials from Podium Browser. We then add Podium Browser components such as Rugs, Dining Room Table, coffee table, chair, sofa, several light fixtures, cabinet, 3D house plant and paintings. We visualize the design using Podium Walker before committing it to rendering with SU Podium.

  To follow along with the video series, download the following SketchUp models:

Part 2: Designing and modeling the exterior

Part Two – Model the exterior of this design in SketchUp using terrain and Podium Browser textures, background components and 3D trees. Now we are almost ready to create a Podium Walker photo-real animation.

Part 3: Creating the animation paths

Part Three – Now that we have the design complete with the help of Podium Browser, we can create a Podium Walker photo-real animation.

Part 4: Creating a slightly more complicated path

Part 4 – We created an animation importing the original SketchUp scenes but we can make this animation a little more complex and accurate by adding our own keyframe views in Podium Walker.