ProWalker GPU

Photorealistic visualization and camera animation in SketchUp

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Still frame from ProWalker GPU by Nick Harvey

ProWalker GPU and Podium Walker Standard are photorealistic visualization plug-ins for SketchUp, which allow users to create high quality still images, fly-through animations, or time-lapse videos from SketchUp models, quickly and easily.


Pro Walker supports all SU Podium material properties and lights. Bring your scene to life with realistic reflection, refraction, and bump, and illuminate with point lights, spotlights, light emitting materials, and several physical sky and HDRI options.


Pro Walker is powered by NVIDIA Iray, a physically-based, progressive pathtracer capable of stunning imagery on par with SU Podium. Harness the power of your GPU to accelerate rendering; make changes and iterate as Pro Walker updates the viewport on the fly.


Pro Walker uses a keyframe based animation workflow to create an animated motion path out of your SketchUp camera views, and then a fast pathtracing engine to render and export video files.

Podium Walker is now being offered in two different forms:

Prowalker GPU image tile

ProWalker GPU With NVIDIA Iray

ProWalker emphasizes GPU pathtracing (in contrast to Podium Walker and SU Podium, which are both CPU based). ProWalker GPU is capable of significantly higher render quality than Podium Walker v1.5, and is recommended as a companion plugin to SU Podium for users who want to utilize their NVIDIA graphics card in rendering.

ProWalker GPU is currently only available for Windows; we are exploring options for Mac users.

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Podium Walker Version 1.5 - (For SketchUp 2019/ 2020 only)

Podium Walker "Standard" is still offered for Mac users, and users with older/unsupported graphics hardware that would cause ProWalker to run inefficiently.

Hardware questions: ProWalker is designed with a strong emphasis on GPU based rendering. Although the plugin will revert to CPU rendering if a supported NVIDIA graphics card is not present, Iray is significantly less efficient without GPU acceleration. Please read the following page for more detail: ProWalker GPU hardware recommendations.

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